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Jekyll & Hyde

Day 12 of My Twelve Days of Xmas Giveaway.

Who would you want to be if you could do a shoot as that person?

I got a variety of answers!

Carrie Underwood

Lady Gaga

Michael Jackson

Wonder Woman

Jessica Rabbit and more.

But Katie won the session.

Katie wanted to be Kat.

Kat Von D

I did a little research. Black, black, black and more black. Ok got it.

And Tattoos. Everywhere.

Ok got it.

I shopped for some gigantic tattoos. Skulls and flames. Hearts and flowers. 

hmmm I'll just get some of both.

Tight black clothing. Well that was easy enough to find.

Now wig or no wig? 

No wig. I still wanted Katie to shine through.

Now for stunning makeup.

Well we called Shantel of course!

We took a few photos of Katie as she is everyday.

Then we stripped her down so that I could apply tattoos everywhere as Shantel gave her gorgeous Kat eyes.

I kept the exact same light as the before photos but with one exception I just added a hair light.

It was a blast! I had so much fun shooting something I normally wouldn't.

I have been trying to talk someone into doing this session for years! 

I am so happy with the results I want to do it myself now! LOL

Comment below and tell me who you would want to be!

Alive, historical, fictional anything goes!



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