Terrible Twos and Troublesome Threes In The Studio!

March 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Ok this is the age were most parents insist on coming in for professional shots.

Because their child WON'T STOP MOVING!

or listen.

or throwing things.

or raspberry.

or even look in the general direction of a camera with something resembling a smile.

LOL I feel ya.

I own a studio and my own son does that to me.


Here is the thing though, it is all really just play time!

We turn on music and most kids love to dance.


I ask that you bring the things they love most: blankie, teddy bear, favorite book etc.

This way you capture something they love and they are more comfortable in the studio as well.


We pick things to do that they love like playing ball, tea time, gardening, reading. You get the idea.


Come a little early so they get use to the studio and we can sit and read and play a bit before the session.

Usually they haven't seen me for a year and might be feeling a little stranger danger.

If we just sit and talk for a minute and let them get use to me things go better.


If you must bring bribery please bring Cheerios or Smarties. These are small easy to hid foods that do not run color.

If you bring M&Ms I will not photoshop your child's mouth from blue to a normal color. That is right.

I will leave them looking like they ate a Smurf and it is your fault!


If it is the day of or after their doctor's appointments please reschedule. They will not be feeling their best after shots! 


Also we allow jumping on beds, tumbling off couches, yelling, screaming and running. Yup they might not be able to at home but if they feel like they are getting away with something the smiles are that much bigger!



Pippa 18mth-45Pippa 18mth-45



Amanda Sapcutt(non-registered)
I cannot wait for our crazy kiddos to take over your studio! I’m sure adilting will be short lived! All fun and games until...
See you in a couple weeks
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