Wink and A Smile.

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They traveled the hour and a half drive with two kids and Mom being pregnant to get their Spring photos.

Except everything was still muddy and brown.

So we hit the local greenhouse. 

I try not to go there too often since it is a business but the staff is always nice and it is warm on cold Nebraska days.

So after an hour and a half drive Barrett and Torryn emerge from their car.

Barrett is a natural flirt and the dimples started flashing immediately.

Torryn however was not sure about me.

I got the Side Eye from her from the get go.

As we got warmer inside Torryn warmed up to me. 

That age is tough when they only see you once a year.

At the end of our session Torryn had talked Dad into buying her this delicate flowering plant not even the size of her hand.

All involved were sure the plant was not going to make it home alive but for now it was causing the biggest beaming smile from her.

As I am getting ready to leave the three young teenage cashiers are watching us. 

Torryn and Barrett are actually arguing over who is going to get to run and kiss me first.

I crouch down and brace myself as these two small bodies come at me full force.

I give my best slow death scene as I fall to the ground and am smothered in kisses.

My heart is full.

I turn my head to the three cashiers who are obviously laughing at me, wink and say, "This is why you become a photographer."

Brooke Bump III-111Brooke Bump III-111



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